How to find all user files owned by a specific user in linux

Finding user files in linux is easy and pretty simple!

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a complete list of files owned by a specific user. This is specifically useful when you want to know why he is using that amount of disk space. To achieve this result you can use the following command in your BASH shell:

find / -user MYUSERNAME

This command will find alla files owned by MYUSERNAME in the server’s root directory and in its subdirectories.

If this is not enought, you can check all files owned by a specific group, let’s say MYGROUPNAME,  you can use find with the “group” option:

find / -group MYGROUPNAME

In this case you will see all files owned by MYGROUPNAME group.

Since actually quota is often made by two parts, a user’s allowed quota and it’s group quota, you can easily check files.

For more informations, please check Find’s man page!